Data Storage Finder

The Data Storage Finder is a tool designed to help you identify storage solutions available on campus based on specific characteristics and needs. UCSB supports all services presented on this finder tool. Use it as a discovery tool, not as the final decision-making tool.

How to use it?
    1. Select and apply filters to find storage solutions that meet your needs.
    2. Click to select different services to compare details in the Data Storage Comparison Table below.
    3. Contact listed providers directly for more information about cost and provisioning.

For campus providers only: Please help us maintain the Storage Finder updated by filling out this form.

Specify your storage needs

Select options below to help identify data storage services that are suitable for your needs. If you are uncertain how to answer them, leave questions blank to maximize your options.

    Select services you would like to compare.

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    Adapted code from: Cornell University Research Data Management Service Group and Cornell Information Technologies Custom Development Group (2018). Finder Module.